The UN/PAIR do not follow the classic equations, they never travel only in pairs but always in sets of three.

Play to compose your three of a kind and feel free to wear your UN/PAIR following your instincts.

Identical or unpaired, to the right foot or to the left foot : Be UN/PAIR.


Apparently slippers, Friulan as to their construction, sneakers thanks to their details. The back loop with logo is the "sporty" element that we could not give up.

Upper in denim cotton denim with black velvet toe.


In the UN/PAIR's Friulan the typical and  “T” seam  - which unites the upper and midsole - is made entirely by hand and there is no use of glue.


For the lining, instead of the classic plain-colored panamino, in the UN / PAIR's Friulian shoes we have inserted a cheerful striped white and red cotton, a reference to the typical fabrics of men's shirts.


Black rubber sole, sewn with powder blue thread. 100% Italian handicraft without the use of glue. The UN/PAIR have an ambidextrous fit and you decide how to wear them.   



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