UN/PAIR's friulan are handcrafted shoes made in Friuli Venezia Giulia by expert hands that, for over 60 years, with needle and thread and skilful work aimed at innovation, have been producing for famous national and international fashion brands.

This is why UN/PAIR Friulian shoes represent both history and skilful innovation to give a versatile and high-quality fit.

The history of Friulan shoes

Manufacturing from ancient history, which dates back to the early nineteenth century, the Friulian shoe was, at the time, handmade at home with recycled materials, and was worn mainly on holidays.

Features og UN/PAIR's Friulan shoes

Among its fundamental characteristics that we jealously wanted to preserve in our collection of Friulian UNPAIR shoes, is the fact that it does not use glue for its realization but scrupulously maintains the façon of the past.

In our UN/PAIR's Friulian shoes, the typical “T” seam - which unites the upper and midsole - is made entirely by hand.

In addition the sole, the internal heel reinforcement and theinsole of the UNPAIR Friulian shoes are not glued, but always sewn, so as to ensure comfort and maintain the tradition of the original Friulian shoe.

UN/PAIR's Friulan shoes: artisan and unique

From the initial designs of the UNPAIR Friulian shoes to the various technical meetings with our craftsman , we have created a collection that mixes the aesthetic aspect of a slipper, the construction of the friulane, and a detail borrowed from the world of  sneaker.
The back loop with logo is in fact the "sporty" element that we could not give up.

The materials of UN/PAIR's Friulan shoes

The material of the UPPER of the UN/PAIR's Friulian shoes is in cotton denim, developed in threedifferent colors: light blue, gray and ivory.
The cotton denim of our Friulian was chosen to enhance and consecratethe unisex soul of which UNPAIR are very proud.

For the LINING, instead of the classic plain-colored panamino, in the UN/PAIR's Friulan shoes we have inserted a cheerful striped white and red cotton, a reference to the typical fabrics of men's shirts.
The materials of the UNPAIR Friulian are made especially for us by important Italian suppliers and have been designed to give our footwear greater support and thickness, while not giving up on softness.

Mix with elegance

The UNPAIR Friulian shoes are also distinguished by an upper enriched with a black velvet toe-cap.
Il toe-cap is in fact one of the distinctive features of UNPAIR's Friulan shoes: it is the "trait d'union" that binds all the variants, and which allows you to unmatch your trio while always maintaining a linearity and consistency of taste and style for any pairing you decide to make.

The Friulan DOC are ambidextrous

The UN/PAIR's Friulian shoes come with the traditional ambidextrous fit to give each customer the freedom to decide how to wear them, letting themselves be guided ... by their instincts, their taste, the needs, occasions and emotions of the moment!
Choosing shoes thus becomes a dream, a game and lightheartedness.

100% handycraft and made in Italy

Innovating rigorously maintaining what is sacred in traditions is part of our DNA.
This is why UN/PAIR's Friulan shoes are handmade by historic and now increasingly rare artisans from Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The craftsmanship of UN/PAIR's Friulian is not limited to the type of processing, but also includes the care in finishing and packaging, and of course the choice of materials and their treatment.
Creativity and style 100% made in Italy from materials to people.
For all these reasons, UN/PAIR's Friulian shoes are unique, original, with attention to detail: a personal and recognizable style.

It's time to be UN/PAIR

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